Modesty to Me: Presenting Franka Soeria.

“ Try to be like a cat with nine lives….” says the witted co-founder of Modest Fashion Weeks, #Markamarie & Think Fashion, Franka Soeria.

Intrigued by music and writing at a young age, Franka entered the world of Modest Fashion as a designer, stylist and became a Global Fashion Networker.

To Franka, Modesty means being Modest from the inside and outside. It’s not just about the look, but how you contribute to the world for the greater good.

“I developed this understanding after my journey both in mainstream fashion and modest fashion. Modest Fashion is great, but sometimes we tend to get stuck in visual translation.. Modesty is more than that- it’s a way of life”, says Franka.

Franka considers Modesty to be a personal choice. “I had my time when i didn’t wear modest fashion, but I did feel more comfortable wearing covered clothes, long before when I started wearing hijab.”

 On being asked if she ever felt that she was being judged for being modest, Franka turned out to be no exception. “I have been judged not only because of wearing modest clothes but also because I am Asian. I think people react like that because they don’t know who I am at first. By the time I start to speak is usually when they realize that I am not the girl they think I am.”

Franka doesn’t believe in propagating modesty. “Much before we did Modest Fashion Weeks, modest fashion was already everywhere. So we just collect people with same interests to celebrate modesty and help them to be recognized more and have more achievements. That’s what we do.”

Franka is a minimalist when it comes to dressing. She shops everywhere possible but what she buys has to be reusable and flexible enough to be worn in multiple ways.

“I am a supporter of ‘Re-wear Your Clothes’ idea. I have my own style.  A long chiffon scarf & white sneakers- that’s what I mostly wear when I go around. I minimize my time to think what to wear basically. I don’t wear branded stuff- its part of my personal branding.

My black scarves, white sneakers, sling bag and sometimes a black dress makes up my favourite attire. I am a ‘behind the scene’ woman, I wear stuff that can make me act and move fast.”

Franka’s take on modesty is simple and practical. When ‘who you are’ becomes more important than ‘how you look’ is when the real beauty comes out.

Franka says, “It is best to accept who you are and embrace it. Never do something because you are pressurised to do it. 

Don’t just dream to be somebody, make efforts for it. Start small and constantly move forward. Don’t listen to the negative voices.

Try to be like a cat with 9 lives. Dont hesitate to rise again after falling multiple times.

As long as you are trying to be a good person, you will always be great.”

Published by Nighat Ahmad

I am a doctor by profession & a fashion designer by passion. Being the CEO & Creative Director of my luxury modest fashion brand, "The Hijab Lee", I aim to provide design solutions to our fellow women who seek for modest dressing options. Through THL, I wish to propagate my beliefs of 'beauty beyond skin & body' & 'covered & confident'.

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