Modesty to Me: Farah Amin Khan

Director of the renowned Super International School and a PhD holder in Leadership, Farha Amin Khan is breaking the glass ceiling in the city of Kanpur. She is one of the very few females in the city leading such a huge institution and popularising the hijab for the good.

The word ‘Modesty’ for Farha  means humility, respect and covering in terms of clothing as well as in conduct.

“I developed the true understanding of modesty when my daughter was almost 7 years old. I realized that I should be a role model for her. I should exhibit modesty in my clothes and conduct so that she will grow into a graceful, respectable lady.”

Farha considers being modest to be a personal choice. “Some people do connect it with religion but for me it is a ‘calling’ from within, irrespective of one’s religion.”

On being asked if she ever felt that she was being judged or criticized for being modest, Farha said there had been numerous such occasions. “Unfortunately in our country, modesty is equated with lack of education and exposure. People start treating you differently.

I did lose my cool many times but then I realized that that’s not the right reaction on my part. I had to represent myself as a modest person who is pleasant and educated. I think patience is the key to deal with such situations.”

Farha hopes to inspire young girls around her and propagate the idea of Modesty. She wears modest clothes to school and wishes to set an example in front of the younger generations that anything can be achieved while remaining modest.

“We modest women have a huge responsibility of making sure that if we are wearing an abaya or a hijab, we must make sure that it looks presentable. The abaya and hijab should be neat and ironed to begin with. We must respect our modesty first before expecting others to respect it,” Farha pointed out correctly.

Farha shops online for her modest dressing needs and sometimes tries to self-design her clothes. She says that till a few years back, it was very difficult to find modest clothes in the market but now all the popular and mass market brands are producing modest clothes due to their huge demand.

Farha’s favourite attire is a loose fitted salwar suit with a matching hijab. She loves wearing long shrugs as well.

“Being modest does not make you backward. Don’t be afraid that if you dress up modestly, you will not be able to hang out with a certain group or you won’t be able to visit certain places. Modesty makes a woman beautiful and brings out the best in her. Dressing up modestly gives me the most liberating feeling. I feel like I can face any challenge with confidence.”

Farha is an example of how monumental changes in the society begin at the ground level. As the world today moves towards acceptance and the fashion industry towards modesty, women like Farha trigger these movements in the masses.

Published by Nighat Ahmad

I am a doctor by profession & a fashion designer by passion. Being the CEO & Creative Director of my luxury modest fashion brand, "The Hijab Lee", I aim to provide design solutions to our fellow women who seek for modest dressing options. Through THL, I wish to propagate my beliefs of 'beauty beyond skin & body' & 'covered & confident'.

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